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Public Documents

Welcome to the public documents section of the SIGOMA website. This area of the site is open to members of the public and all our partner organisations to view SIGOMA reports, lobbying work and publications.

Please left click with your mouse to open a PDF file of the item you are interested in. Alternatively, right click with your mouse to down load a copy of the file direct to your PC.

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Current and Archived Documents


Available Documents for 2005

Social Services Funding
This report looked at the inequalities of Government funding for social services, and was used by SIGOMA to lobby for changes to the system (Novemebr 2005).
Consultation Paper on Formula Grant Distribution
This paper represents SIGOMAs response to the consultation on the fornula distribution grant system. The system is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the implementation scheme which is both transparent and able to achieve an equitable allocation of resources between local authorities. Deadline 10th October 2005
Consultation on Dedicated Schools Grant Distribution
Department for Edcation and Skills consultation on a Modified Method for the Dedicated Schools Grant (DSG) for 2006-07 and 2007-08. Deadline 30 September 2005
New Schools Funding Arrangements for Schools
Consultation on new school funding arrangements from 2006-07 Deadline 13 May 2005
Inspection Reform: The Future Role of Local Services Inspection
In March 2005, ODPM joint with HM Treasury published a discussion document on developing a new performance framework as part of the local:vision debate. This consultation paper builds on the Securing Better outcomes document by setting out the rationale for the proposed changes and starting to explore the role inspection should play in the future performance framework. Deadline 3rd March 2005
Consultation on Three Year Revenue and Capital Settlements
This paper considers the benefits of 3 year funding allocations and considers government's suggestions for improving both the predictability and stability of funding for local authorities. Deadline: 11 March 2005
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