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News and Press Releases

Below are all the Whats New articles for year 2007.

Local Authority special grant funding for the 2008 national bus concessions in England - SIGOMA Response
SIGOMAs response to the consultation was submitted on the 22nd November 2007 to the Department for Transport.
Members can access the response through the consultation papers pages or via the link above.
SIGOMA response to the Consultation on the Terms of Reference for the DSG Formula Grant Review
SIGOMA submitted its response to the Consultation on the Terms of Reference for the Dedicated Schools Grant Formula Review for distributing resources to local authorities on the 2nd November 2007.
MPs Fury as cash goes to South
SIGOMAs latest press clippings from the Wigan Evening Post.
SIGOMAs lobbying for fairer funding intensifies - MORE PICTURES AVAILABLE
SIGOMAs campaign for fairer funding to our councils has recieved extensive press coverage over the last few weeks. Click on the link above for more details.
SIGOMA Response to the Local Government Finance Formula Grant Distribution Consultation
SIGOMAs repsonse to the consultation is now available. It can be accessed through the consultation papers section of via the link above.
£500 million cash boost for housebuilding councils
Housing Minister Yvette Cooper unveils a major package of proposals to accelerate the building of news homes.

Click to read full DCLG news release
Deprived Councils subsidise wealthier London Boroughs on Social Services
SIGOMAs latest report - Caring for All looks at the Governments current arrangements for social services funding and shows how some of the poorest areas of the country are subsidising the most affluent. Click on the above link to view the full news release or go to the public documents section to read the full report.
Local Government Finance Formula Grant Distribution Consultation Response
SIGOMAs draft response to the Local Government Finance Formula Grant Distribution consultation paper is now available to members for comment.

Please access this through the consultation papers section of the website.
Member Briefing - Sub National Review of Economic Development and Regeneration
A new briefing has been added to the site, click the link above to access or use the circulars and breifings sections of the website.
Review of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration
Government has launched the review of sub-national economic development and regneration setting out bold plans to ensure that every area of the country has the opportunity to benefit from rising prosperity. The review outlines plans to refocus both powers and responsibilities to support this, giving local authorities a greater role in ensuring economic opportunity for all. You can read the full report by clicking on the link above.
SIGOMA Response to Councillors Commission Inquiry
SIGOMA submitted evidence to the Councillors Commission Inquiry into the barriers and incentives to becoming a councillor on 26th July 2007.
The full response can be viewed by clicking on the link above.
Supplementary Business Rates - response to CLG Committee Inquiry
SIGOMA has prepared evidence for the Communities and Local Government Committee's Inquiry into supplementary business rates. Proposed by Sir Michael Lyons, supplementary business rates would give councils the opportunity to raise funding for infrastructure and growth schemes, in partnership with local busines. Use the link above to access SIGOMAs paper.
Councillors Commission Update
Over the coming weeks SIGOMA will be preparing a draft response to the call for evidence issued by the Councillors Commission, we would like to ask that our member authorities make a contribution to this work by forwarding any responses they have previously made to the SIGOMA office. SIGOMA will be sending a draft response to members for comment soon. The Local Government Chronicle will be holding a conference to discuss the issues relating to the role of the councillor in June. Speakers at the event will include Dame Jane Roberts, chair of the Councillors Commission. For more details of the event click on the link above.
SIGOMA response to consultation on Schools, Early Years and 14 to 16 Funding 2008-11
SIGOMAs full response to the DfES consultation on changes to school funding arrangements ready for the introduction of the first three year budgets for all schools from 2008 can be viewed by clicking on the link above.
Reaction to the Planning White Paper
Drawing together inputs from the Barker review of land use planning and the Eddington review of transport, the government has now issued a Planning White Paper for England. The paper has four key pillars - a new system to decide major infrastructure projects, simplifying the system for householders to make home improvements, planning to play a bigger role in tackling climate change and ensuring that the planning system continues to support vibrant town centres. To read initial reactions to the Planning White Paper click on the link above.
WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO STAND FOR ELECTION? Councillor's Commission: Call for Evidence
The Department for Communities and Local Government Councillor's Commission have commenced their inquiry into the barriers and incentives to becoming a councillor. The inquiry will draw on a wide range of source to agther its evidence ranging from councillors, to local authority officer to everyday people. The commission will report by November 2007 and will hold monthly forum discussions to facilitate debate. For more details of the inquiry please click on the link above or use the consultation papers section.
All Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry into the Role of Councillors - SIGOMA Response
SIGOMA's response to the APP Inquiry can be viewed by clicking on the link above or in the public documents section of the site.
Rethinking Neighbourhood Renewal
This new report from SIGOMA examines the role and impact that dedicated neighbourhood renewal funding is having in urban areas. Evidence from SIGOMA councils demonstrates how experience has developed over recent years and neighbourhod renewal is helping to create stronger leadership, greater public engagement, rigorous performance management and more flexible services. A separete annex contains 17 case studies. This evidence has been submitted by SIGOMA to the Treasury and DCLG to help inform decisions in the comprehensive spending review.
All Party Parliamentary Group Councillor Inquiry - SIGOMA Response
SIGOMA has suibmitted evidence to the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry into the Role of Councillors, it can be viewed by clicking the above link or going diorect to the policy and revenue circulars sections.
Over £300 Million to Encourage Business Growth
328 Local authorities in England are to be awarded £316 million for encouraging business growth, Local Government Minister Phil Woolas and Treasury Minister John Healy have annouced today. This is the second year of a three year scheme which expects to see up to £1 billion allocated to local authorities by 2007/08. To view current Local Authority Business Growth Incentive Scheme Grant Determination 2007 click onthe above link.
Ruth Kelly announces drive to support Councillors
Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly, has announced a new Commission to look at how local democracy can be revitalised in local areas to make it more responsive to the needs of local people. The new Councillors Commission will look at ways of better supporting local councillors and encouraging more people to play a leading role in their community. To read the full DCLG briefing, please click on the link above.
Communities England to Drive Forward Housing and Regeneration
The Government has announced proposals to develop a new agency to deliver housing and regeneration. The proposed Communities England will bring together the functions of English Partnerships, the Housing Corporation and a range of work carried out by the DCLG. To read the full DCLG news letter please click on the link above.
SIGOMA Response to Lyons Inquiry - Additional Stakeholder Questions
In December 2006, Sir Michael Lyons announced a further extension of his inquiry into local government. The inquiry has been extended so Sir Michael can address the implications that the Barker, Leitch and Eddington reviews have for local government. Throughout the inquiry, SIGOMA has been active in the various consultations Sir Michael has released. To read SIGOMAs latest submission to the Inquiry Please click on the link above.

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