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SIGOMA calls on the Government to:

  • Ensure adequate investment is provided to deliver future transport needs
  • Deliver local solutions that neet the needs of individual communities
  • Deliver local solutions that support the economic revival of our areas

A major concern to SIGOMA authorities is the difficulties that face our communities through increasing road congestion alongside reducing levels and quality of public transport. This polarisation of provision hinders many social and economic initiatives where appropriate and relevant transportation is crucial to delivery.

Investment in transport infrastructure within SIGOMA local authorities lags behind other areas, particularly London where transport spending per head is nearly three times higher than many other regions.

Identifiable capital expenditure on transport, 2007/08

RegionTotal Expenditure (£ million)
North East365
North West979
Yorkshire and Humber668
East Midlands498
West Midlands865
East of England990
South East1527
South West779

With overall limited resources, there is a real danger that investment will continue to focus on growth areas and those already more prosperous than our communities. Transport links within and between our conurbations will be vital to the rebirth of our communities and must be delivered alongside other investment in housing and economic prosperity.

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